• Research Field
    - High-precision Control of Inorganic Nanocrystals 

    This field focuses on controlling the size, shape, and atomic arrangement of inorganic nanocrystals to develop functional nanomaterials with enhanced performance. Using advanced characterization techniques, the lab investigates the links between nanocrystal characteristics and performance and optimizes the synthetic parameters using machine learning algorithms to attain the desired structures and properties. 

    - Soft Material 3D Organizations

    In this field, the emphasis is placed on developing sophisticated 3D nanoarchitecture from various materials, such as inorganic nanocrystals, liquid crystals, framework materials, block copolymers, synthetic biomolecules, and proteins. The lab employs advanced characterization techniques to investigate the interfacial structures and interactions between building blocks. The objective is to merge the concepts of living beings into functional nanomaterials.

    - Nonequilibrium Catalysis for Synthetic Living Systems

    This field investigates the possibility of developing artificial living systems by exploiting the principles of nonequilibrium thermodynamics and self-organization. Developing nanoscale systems with autonomous behavior, self-repair, and self-replication, comparable to living systems, is the focus of this research. The laboratory combines a combination of synthetic chemistry, physics, and materials science to generate these systems and investigate their properties and behavior.